2014 Barlow Zinfandel
In 2014 we had constant temperatures and extended hang time, allowing our Zinfandel to ripen evenly and to develop the ruby-garnet color we have come to expect. Zinfandels’ charm is its spicy ripe flavors and aromas of red berries and black fruit. The 2014 vintage has all the classic Zinfandel characteristics; spicy aromas, zesty flavors and luscious tannins. The palate is filled with sweet fruit flavors and exotic spices, finishing with soft supple tannins.
  2014 Barlow Zinfandel 750ml  $35.00Quantity   
2012 Barlow Zinfandel
Barlow’s 2012 Zinfandel is a heady, full-bodied red with ripe raspberry fruit accented by pepper and spice. Black and red raspberry aromas introduce licorice and vanilla by combining rich, complex, layers and nicely textured flavors with a long, solid fruit-laden finish. Flavors of red berries combine with the underlying black fruits and the classic Zinfandel characteristics, black pepper and cinnamon. The palate is filled with the flavor of sweet fruit and exotic spices. Cases Produced 98 Alcohol 14.4% pH 3.70 Bottled May 1st, 2014
  2012 Barlow Zinfandel 75ml  $35.00Quantity   
2015 Barlow Zinfandel 750ml
After hand selecting and sorting the best fruit we again ended up with a strong 2 barrels of wine. With a long growing season comes extended hang time. This is where the 2015 Zinfandel was able to develop complex flavors, luscious tannins, and attractive color. You will find a variety of sweet fruits on the palate, exotic spices in the aroma, and a rich silky texture.
  2015 Barlow Zinfandel  $35.00Quantity